The special edition of the documentary #LASCONSTITUYENTES in DVD- BOOK includes over two hours of bonus features and a book with articles by journalists and researchers expert in the subject as: Soledad Gallego Díaz, Sonsoles Ónega, Octavio Salazar, Maria Antonia Garcia Leon Alvarez, Pilar Carrasco Aguilar, Rosario Ruiz Franco and Oliva Acosta.

This edition provides the context and expanding the content of the documentary with the addition of other audiovisual works, text, graphics and additional content, which also may be used for other purposes such as research, education and teaching, or teaching/training .

In addition to the documentary in four languages ​​(French, English, Spanish and Arabic ), this edition includes an audio commentary by the director and over 2 hours of bonus features: footage that could not be included in the film, as the story unpublished women who lived through the night 23f coup in Congress, a very special making off, a video document of the tribute the Spanish parliament gave to the Constituyentes, original audios from 1977, etc. . , besides the book with articles Soledad Gallego Díaz Oliva Acosta, Sonsoles Ónega , Octavio Salazar , María Antonia García de León , Pilar Aguilar , Rosario Ruiz Franco.

" They had to wait 35 years to be visible ! I am convinced that knowing them and thus receive directly the political and human heritage they have left us is fundamental to understanding a time like the Spanish transition , and have a complete view of our history. " Says the director , Oliva Acosta.

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